2016 Women Helping Battered Women Race for Empowerment

By | June 13, 2016

Run for Empowerment

Carole with a drink looking tiredIn just a few days I’ll be taking part in the 2016 Women Helping Battered Women “Run for Empowerment” at Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT. I have a $1000 fundraising goal and am just barely over 40% of the way there. Will you sponsor me?

You can sponsor me at this link:


I am walking in support of Women Helping Battered Women, a Vermont non-profit working to provide support for victims of domestic abuse and violence. WHBW has been serving Chittenden County, Vermont for 41 years. If you believe that all adults and children have the right to live without fear of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, or financial, then please support WHBW by sponsoring me.

WHBW advocates for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and works to raise awareness in our community through outreach and education. They also identify where resources are needed in the community and collaborate with a wide network of community partners to plan and implement necessary initiatives to meet those needs.

With your help, last year, WHBW provided needed services to 4,534 adults children whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse. These individuals and families were able to access WHBW programs at no cost to themselves. From Shelter to Relief from Abuse orders, WHBW advocates are working side by side with victims and survivors to help them move toward safe, healthy and, empowered lives free from coercion, threats, and violence.

Again, will you sponsor me and help fund all the work that WHBW does each year?



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