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By | August 24, 2019

Carole and I are signed up to be “sweep” crew for the 2019 New England Susan G Komen 3-Day (September 6-7-8). You probably know what that means — we’ll be driving a van along the route each day, picking up walkers who are too tired/blistered/sore/etcetera to continue on. Sometimes people just need a lift for a little while, sometimes they’re done for the day. Either way, sweep crew are there to boost their spirits and cheer them up, not just to provide a ride. With that in mind, sweep crews always pick a theme for their van, something jolly and cheerful. We’ve picked “Under The Sea” (because, of course, Carole is actually a sea otter and all that).

I’m going to wear a dive suit, mask, and snorkel (in all likelihood a shortie dive suit, not a full body-covering suit; that’d get really hot) and Carole’s going to dress up as a mermaid. I’ll have fins and stuff to put on for those intervals where we’re just parked alongside the route cheering walkers on — obviously, I can’t drive with fins on. We’ve got decorations for the van all picked out, candy that fits the theme, etcetera.

But the one thing we’re still working on is music. Sweep vans often hang or mount a speaker on the outside of the van and play happy music as they drive the route — that way, you know from the approaching music that a particular sweep van is making its approach to your tired little knot of 3-Day participants. I am adamant that I don’t want generic “sea” music — people keep suggesting Jimmy Buffett stuff. I like Mr. Buffett’s works as much as anyone, but his oeuvre is beach and sailing and so forth … stuff that happens above the waves. I want music that connotes our theme: under the sea.

Hence this post — I’d love suggestions from the Internet hive mind.

Ideas we’ve had so far:

  1. “Fins” — Jimmy Buffett (okay, one Buffett song is allowed)
  2. “Under The Sea” — Little Mermaid soundtrack (and by other artists as well)
  3. “Octopus’s Garden” — Ringo Starr
  4. Theme from “Jaws” — John Williams
  5. “Yellow Submarine” — The Beatles
  6. “Once In A Lifetime” — Talking Heads
  7. “Wipeout” — The Surfaris
  8. “Bottom of the Sea” — Matthew Nathanson
  9. “Low On Air” — 77 Bombay Street
  10. “The Beautiful Briny Sea” (from “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”)
  11. “Down To The Bottom Of The Sea” — They Might Be Giants
  12. “Cowtown” — They Might Be Giants

… etcetera



Suggestions very much appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “Song Suggestions Needed

  1. Marith Flugelhorn

    Okay, I asked my slack and they had quite a few suggestions! The Sinead Lohan one is the only one I’m actually familiar with, but it’s a good one.

    Diving to be Deeper – Sinead Lohan
    Down by the Water – PJ Harvey
    Down in the Diving Bell – James Vincent McMorrow
    Underwater Record Store – Penelope Isles
    Underwater Love – Smoke City
    The Mariner’s Revenge Song – Glittersharks
    In the Sea – Human Again
    Drowning – Backstreet Boys
    Nautilus – Bob James
    Breathing Under Water – Anouska Shankar and Karsh Kale
    Undertow – Ane Brun
    Swim – Madonna
    Underwater – Mika
    Fire and Roses – Mimi

    1. jackd

      Just FYI, “Down by the Water” and “Mariner’s Revenge Song” are *not* happy tunes.

      1. Jay Furr Post author

        Yeah, I went through and played each song before adding it to the official playlist for the weekend. Some were definite yeses.

        Some were not. 🙂

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