Pig On A Park Bench

By | December 9, 2018

Remember that line from “Eleanor Rigby” — “Father McKenzie, writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear”?

I’ve been spending my free time the last few days writing up our August 2018 cruise to the Baltic Sea, curating photos, and so on, all with an aim to posting it all to our WordPress blog at some point — and I know absolutely no one’s going to look at it.

I guess it’s mostly for our benefit, so Carole and I can look back in a few years and go “oh, yeah, it was Estonia where we saw that statue of a pig sitting on a park bench”.

Still, it beats zoning out in front of the television, right? Right?

(Okay, I’m a lonely person.)

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3 thoughts on “Pig On A Park Bench

  1. Marith Flugelhorn

    It is definitely nice to be able to read over past doings and experiences – I wish I’d done more journaling over the years because it all starts to fade. You’ll be glad you wrote your vacation up someday. (And uh, that is quite some pig. I see people complaining about some town in the midwest that has lifelike statues, and I never know why they’re so bothered by them. Quirky art keeps things interesting.)

    If you ever want to hang out on Tumblr, Trip and I both share a lot of links there, so come read random stuff if you’re bored 🙂

  2. jackd

    Oh, there must be *dozen* of us who’ll read it!

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