By | December 1, 2018

I would like to take this moment to say to the world:

  • I am in a depressed, pathetic state of mind.
  • No, that has nothing to do with the Georgia/Alabama game.
  • I am incredibly grateful that no one invited me to a Secret Santa gift exchange this year.
  • Peculiarly, I have very little going on at work all of a sudden, which I know won’t last, but it’s still kind of weird.
  • Consequently, I’m probably going to do some really pathetic attention-seeking crap out of sheer boredom in the next week or so.
  • I am four legs shy of reaching 1K status on United and as a result may wind up doing something stupid like flying round-trip to Boca Raton or Raleigh/Durham or something — wherever’s cheap — sometime in the next couple of weeks.
  • First world problems. I know.
  • There exists such a thing as a canned cheeseburger — you boil them in a pot of water, can and all, for a few minutes to reheat them. I guess they’re meant for camping or something. Anyhow, I’m trying and failing to find where I can buy them.
  • I’m going somewhere fun for Christmas (CuraƧao) and for some strange-ass reason am completely failing to look forward to it.
  • My brain is messed up and doesn’t work properly.
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