Greetings from Abilene

Behold, common, everyday hotel laundry room equipment.


On the left, the humble dryer. On the right, the serviceable but modest washer.

Guess which one I happily loaded clothes into, added detergent to, dumped coins in, and then sat and watched for a good fifteen minutes before finally thinking “… wait a minute”.


(In my defense, I was very tired. Honest to God, this is not the sort of thing I do every day.)

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2 Responses to Greetings from Abilene

  1. Ray Veary says:

    Drove past you to get here in Burlington. Would have stopped to visit, but the guy in the rear of the ambulance started griping.

    Yes, I ‘m kidding. In Burlington, though. Hope all is well.

    Ray Veary

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