Not too late to sponsor me in this weekend’s 2023 Chicago Susan G Komen 3-Day

By | September 7, 2023

Important update:

Tomorrow (Friday, September 8, 2023) I will start my journey on the 2023 Chicago Susan G Komen 3-Day. I will walk around 20 miles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am doing this because I care very much about breast cancer and the mortality rate that is still far too high and the effect that fighting the disease has on women and men everywhere, to say nothing of their families.

But the important point is that my walking accomplishes virtually nothing, except in that it contributes to the overall visibility of the cause; once upon a time (and more recently than one would think) it was considered rude and shameful to admit publicly that you had breast cancer. Only by being publicly and conspicuously OUT THERE have we managed to change that.

But other than that — not one woman will become magically healthy because I put sixty miles’ worth of wear on my shoes. The important impact from events like these is the money they raise. In the 20 years that these events have been held by Komen, they’ve raised over $693,000,000. Since Komen’s founding thirty years ago, the mortality rate has dropped by 43%. There is an impact.

Even though I made my fundraising minimum of $2300 months ago and am eligibile to take part, it is not too late to sponsor me. If you would like to contribute to the cause and help bring about a world without breast cancer, please click and donate there.

I would greatly appreciate it.

As an aside, should you be so inclined, you can follow me on the event this weekend at — I will be posting photos as I go. You should not have to log in to see them.

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