Covid-19 claims another event

By | May 18, 2020

We just received word today that the four Susan G Komen 3-Day walks scheduled for 2020 have been postponed until 2021:

New England, August 20-22, 2021
Chicago, October 1-3, 2021
Dallas/Fort Worth, November 5-7, 2021
San Diego, November 19-21, 2021

Obviously, it was the responsible thing to do, both from a legal point of view and from a common-sense, health-focused point of view.

I was going to be walking in the 2020 Chicago Susan G Komen 3-Day, 60 miles in 3 days, but now am apparently going to be walking in the 2021 Chicago event instead. It’s going to be a little weird not taking part in at least one 3-Day walk this year (it would have been my 31st event since 2008) but obviously, in the end it wasn’t my walking that was important; it was the funding via donations from people like you.

Breast cancer hasn’t gone away in this era of Covid-19 and thousands of women (and some men) will die from it this year. The need for funding into research, treatment, and education has not diminished, and in order to continue funding key programs donations are needed now. (If you’re curious, incidentally, where the money donated to Komen all goes, click here:

Now, that said, I know that a lot of people are in some pretty dire financial straits at this point due to their stores or restaurants or other businesses being unable to open — or due to crippling medical bills, which is even worse. Please understand that I’m not saying “never mind that! sponsor me!” I’m only asking you to consider sending some money in to Komen to help keep their programs running if you can.

If you would be willing to sponsor me, I would be very, very, very grateful. You can donate at — and thanks.


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