Who knew?

By | January 20, 2016

TriglyceridesI just got done with a fasting cholesterol check at my family doctor’s office.

It turns out that even if you are taking drugs for high cholesterol, curling up in a fetal position in a dark room after working hours every day and getting absolutely no exercise DOES NOT HELP KEEP TRIGLYCERIDE LEVELS DOWN.

Who knew?


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One thought on “Who knew?

  1. Marithlizard

    I know, it’s so unfair! Depression eats up so much energy, mental and physical, that it seems like it ought to count as exercise. Or at least one should be able to channel it into some kind of output, like a focused Despair Ray that can be aimed at villains.

    *hug* It sucks that you’re having such a hard time. You can hide under this rock with me if you want, it’s safe and dark and sometimes a space parasite brings over hugs and sushi.

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