Painting the Shed

By | September 26, 2015

The shed, almost finishedI’d like to be able to say that I spent today on my sofa watching college football, but no.

I drove to Killington and back this morning so Carole and I could have breakfast with one of Carole’s out of town friends who was visiting, and then this afternoon it was back to working on the shed.

Our weathered, unpainted shed has been worse and worse each year. It was probably stained when the previous owners had it built circa 2000, but over the 13 years we’ve owned the house it’s been getting more and more weatherbeaten and faded. It’s still structurally strong, but it had that “derelict barn” look to it.

The shed, circa December 2014Each winter I look out at it sitting there in the snow looking forlorn and I think “when the warm weather comes this year, I’m going to re-stain or maybe even paint that thing.” And then each year flies by and boom, it’s November and too late to be doing outside painting.

This year, I finally decided to stop saying “I should paint that some year” and went ahead and did it. In stages. A bit at a time when I was in town. What with frequent out of town work trips, a Susan G Komen 3-Day, and a sick headache or two, I just couldn’t seem to get much done on it at any one time.

It soaked up three two-gallon buckets of primer — that was some thirsty wood. Then I began putting the paint on — I got the front partly done two weekends ago, did the sides up to where I couldn’t reach last weekend — then ran out of paint. This weekend I got out the stepladder and got the rest of it done. Er, except for the back, which I only got 1/3 done before running out of paint again. I’m getting to be an old hand at rattling off the specifications and color code for the Behr “Mermaid Sea” greenish blue paint I for some reason decided to use.

Tomorrow it’s back to the store for one more gallon of paint, then I’m going to try to finish the back and prime the unpainted trim, and then maybe I’ll be lucky and next weekend will be warm and sunny and I can get the trim painted as well. For some reason known only to my subconscious, I picked Behr “Bronze-Green” for the trim. I have no idea if the two colors will actually look good together, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Why write about painting a shed? Well, because I’m so glad I finally got off my can and did it, mostly, and also because this is actually the first real painting project I’ve ever done. I’ve helped out here and there, but never had to plan and execute the whole thing from start to finish. Perversely, even though I know it’s not really a big deal, I have a sense of vague accomplishment.


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