Iced Tea

Tropical Spice chai tea

I’ve tried in recent years to avoid pounding the caffeine as much as I used to. I gave up coffee altogether a few years ago but still drink green tea and the chocolate chai tea latte at Starbucks and have a Diet Coke or a Coke Zero now and then. So, no, I’m not totally abstaining, but I’m trying not to flat-out pound the stuff either.

The other day I had the urge to make a pitcher of brewed ice tea, using the Tropical Chai Spice Tea from Upton Tea Imports. I drank about half of it the other day and just finished the rest. Now I’m wishing I had a lot more. There’s something about the first day warm enough to open all the windows that just calls for a cold glass of iced tea, caffeine be damned. (“Warm enough to open all the windows” is Vermont-speak for 60 degrees Fahrenheit.)