Wherein Elizabeth Reid Is A Very Cool Person

By | December 12, 2013

Life hasn’t been easy this week. My father had a stroke on Sunday, and a couple of other family members have had a significant and upsetting upheaval in their lives. I’ve been wandering around feeling sort of shell-shocked.

One of the unfortunate things about life as a trainer who travels 40+ weeks out of the year is that it’s not very easy to maintain a network of close personal friends, or indeed, to have any “close personal friends” at all. Most of the people I “know” these days are social media contacts, people who express sympathy or support if I post something distressing on Facebook but who would probably be taken aback if I just picked up the phone and called them out of the blue. Perhaps I’m selling myself short — perhaps a number of you would be more than happy to take a call from me. But I don’t know your numbers from memory and I don’t know if the numbers in your Facebook or Google+ profiles are still up to date and current. And I don’t know which people would be glad to hear from me and which people would go “and you’re calling me why?” Isn’t insecurity wonderful?

But I was sufficiently rattled the other night to pick up the phone and call one of the very few people whose current home numbers I do have committed to memory and who I do stay marginally in contact with — Elizabeth Reid, a friend from Durham, NC who was a groomsman at our wedding and who Carole and I can apparently claim credit for introducing to her husband, Dan Reid, who was also a groomsman. Even as I dialed, though, I had visions of Elizabeth answering the phone, saying “Well, actually…” and going on with how she had something in the oven, or had a kid needing help with schoolwork, or that she was just at that moment about to start regrouting her bathtub.

But, because Beth is a cool person, she said nothing of the sort, took the time to hear me moan and groan about how worried and upset I was, said supportive things, brought Carole and I both up to date on how her life is, how her kids are, and so on, and in general, helped me get my head back squared on straight and got me in a better place.

And I’m very grateful for that.

But her “cool person” score really hit stratospheric numbers when a FedEx driver stopped by the house today and delivered this:

Thanks, Beth!

Thanks, Beth!

Pure nutrition from Callie’s Biscuits of Charleston, South Carolina!

Thanks, Beth!

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