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Alex and Carole

Carole will be appearing on Jeopardy! on Tuesday, November 5. (Tomorrow, as I post this.) We cannot say how many episodes she’ll be on — only the first. If she won, she’ll be on the next day, and so on. If she lost, she won’t. The episode(s) were filmed back in September in Los Angeles.

Carole got on the show by doing well on the online test, then auditioning in New York, and then finally being notified that she was in the contestant pool. Quite a few people we know told us via email and Facebook that they, too, had made the “contestant pool” but had never been scheduled to appear, and not to get our hopes up. We waited, hopes not up, but then one day in, oh, July or so, she got the email inviting her to appear.

Jeopardy does not pay for travel expenses, although there is a reduced rate at a specific Doubletree near the studio. If Carole won so many times that she had to come back the following week for another series of tapings, they’d have paid for that.

Carole’s day of taping was on a Tuesday — they apparently only film on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone gets made up, then they sit in the audience and periodically two more contestants are summoned up to compete against the winner of the previous show. They film a whole bunch of episodes in a day; contestants are advised to bring multiple outfits so they can change between episodes if they win.

Anyway, you can visit to find out when the show airs in your local market.

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  1. jackd

    Congrats to Carole for making the show! Saw it in Atlanta tonight. But I’ll refrain from comment to avoid spoiling it for anyone else.

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