Regarding Kats

By | September 7, 2013

I was on a business trip on the night of November 27, 2001.

But I was bored.

I contacted my wife on whatever instant messenger program we were using at the time and this is what resulted:

JayIDX1: ptang

Auto response from VTFurrsSorry, we’re idle.

 VTFurrs: whoooo

JayIDX1: issa lemur!

JayIDX1: hi lemur

VTFurrs: whooo?

JayIDX1: how are you feeling, lemurgirl?

VTFurrs: not bad, except for that nasty chest cough

VTFurrs: there issa baby lemur runnin around here

VTFurrs: she hassa bonnet on anna rattle

JayIDX1: I feel sort of okay except that the glands in my throat are very sore

JayIDX1: ooh, grabbit! cuddle it!

VTFurrs: she has a stripey tail

VTFurrs: an fierce claws an teeth

JayIDX1: ooh, that sounds like a ferOcious beastie

JayIDX1: I would feet it treats to placeate it

VTFurrs: i has grabbed it

JayIDX1: yay

VTFurrs: she is sittin on my lap with her butt in the air

JayIDX1: hmm

JayIDX1: that sounds like a kat

VTFurrs: she don’t say nuthin

JayIDX1: are you sure it’s not a kat?

VTFurrs: not sure how can you tell?

JayIDX1: does it have a soft white belly?

VTFurrs: not sure, it is soft but she won’t let me look at it

JayIDX1: does she have two paddy paws and two bunny feet?

VTFurrs: oh well, she has debarked now

JayIDX1: aw

VTFurrs: think so, she is scratchin her ear w/ the bunny foot

JayIDX1: 🙂

VTFurrs: oh well, she has gone back to runnin around

VTFurrs: You can’t stop them kitty-kats from runnin’ around

JayIDX1: you goin’ out soon to the arkestra?

VTFurrs: yeah but I hafta eat first

JayIDX1: yeah, kats are real mavens for the runnin’ around

JayIDX1: f00d

VTFurrs: ttfn

JayIDX1: bye

Ah, the Internet. What would we ever have done without it?

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