Why DO people eat at Olive Garden?

By | August 26, 2013

All the food at Olive Garden is pre-made and shipped to the restaurant in giant plastic freezer bags. The “Tuscan Institute” they brag about actually doesn’t exist. And yet, people choose the Olive Garden over actual Italian restaurants where they do make food onsite… all because, I theorize, people prefer standardization.

People will go to a chain restaurant that has awful food because that way there are no surprises.

If you go to an independently owned restaurant that cooks onsite, you never know what you’re going to get: might be good, might be bad, but you won’t know until the food’s actually in front of you. You go to an Olive Garden, and you know it’s gonna be right out of a food service bag and dumped on a plate, but it’s gonna be exactly the same as the last seventeen times you went to Olive Garden.

Oh, and breadsticks.

C’mon, people.

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2 thoughts on “Why DO people eat at Olive Garden?

  1. uncapableoflove

    must admit I truly do agree with you on that. I prefer a homemade meal over something that is prepackaged and choked full of chemicals to “keep them fresh”

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