Metoprolol effects on running?

By | March 2, 2013

I had an absolutely awful run yesterday. It was outdoors, on roads near my office, in near-freezing weather. I absolutely could not get ‘going’ — I seemed to have no stamina. I took 36 minutes to run/walk/plod 5 kilometers. The route was fairly hilly and the first stretch is all uphill — but I don’t think that should have caused me quite so much distress.

And while I was glooming about it this morning to Carole, Carole pointed out that perhaps the beta blocker medication I started a couple of weeks ago (to combat high blood pressure) may have played a large role in what happened yesterday. I had some good runs at the gym last week, but I’d only been on the metoprolol a few days at that point. Now that it’s had more time to really get into my system, who knows? Maybe I’m going to have to work very hard to get warmed up before starting running from now on.

A quick Google search after Carole and I got home from running errands indicates that there’s something to the theory. People said “just because it’s harder doesn’t mean that you can’t run — people have run marathons on beta blockers.”

So I need to avoid despair — and just work really hard on getting warmed up before I launch into a run. I hope that makes the difference.

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5 thoughts on “Metoprolol effects on running?

  1. Maryann LaMarche

    Hi Jay, work with your physician on the meds, there’s a lot of different blood pressure meds, some tolerated better than others. Everyone is different. My husband has been on a lot of different ones and sometimes, it takes a while to find the one that’s right for you. Maryann

  2. Tom

    Hey there. I am on metoprolol at present and have just started running, which I have been really struggling with. My HR doesn’t go above 140bpm. I’m curious to know if you found out if it was the drug which was affecting yr running. Tom

    1. Jay Furr Post author

      Metoprolol was absolutely the culprit. I stopped taking it and my performance really rebounded.

  3. tom

    I am a double bypass open heart “winner”. 40,000 miles and 37 marathons but little in the last ten years. 6 weeks later and I am not back to where I was pre saw and spread. Am thinking metoprol of is blocking betas and improvement. Will I always be on it?

    1. Tom

      Just a follow up. I went off Metoprolol or Lopressor per Doctors “lets try it”, and immediately went into arrhymia for three days before going back on. Only on .25 morning and night, but it scared the dickens our of me. Went back on and it all leveled out. Had one .22 mile day and really wondered if I could get back to my house. So for an open heart surgery guy, you might want to make sure you monitor if coming off and only do it with the watchful eye of your doc.

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