Ponderings from the haze of cold medicine

By | January 31, 2013

I’ve had a cold all week, not a particularly awful one, but bad enough that I’d definitely prefer to be over it. It’s shifted to the “painful sore throat” phase, with a soupçon of aching pain in my inguinal lymph nodes (for those who skipped Intro to Anatomy, that’s the lymph nodes down in the groin). I’m at the point where ibuprofen taken every two hours isn’t really managing to arrest the pain, and I’m alternating between gargling Chloraseptic and drinking vats of hot beverages.

I had to teach in Dallas this week and just got home an hour ago. I’m more or less planning to crash tomorrow and take it as a sick day. I need the rest after what turned into a difficult class; I wasn’t very mentally focused because I felt so rotten all three days.

I had hoped to run in the first ever Montpelier Frostival 5k on Saturday morning. Right now, I’d say there’s just about zero chance of that. It’s supposed to be about 15 degrees and I doubt that wearing myself out in a road race would help my recovery from this cold at all.

I had a strange question pop into my head a couple of hours ago while I was trapped aboard a small regional jet packed with kids, to wit: If you committed some crime, and you were given the alternative between six months in traditional jail OR two weeks locked in solitary with either “Hotel California” or “Stairway to Heaven” playing continuously, 24 hours a day, which would you choose? Regular jail or “face the music”? And if you chose to endure the music, which tune would you choose? The 2500 back-to-back playings of “Stairway” or the the 3100 playings of “Hotel California”?

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One thought on “Ponderings from the haze of cold medicine

  1. Catherine Moller

    I’d do traditional jail. Neither of those tunes do it for me. Plus I can work out and catch up on sleep.

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