Welcome to the jungle

By | January 21, 2013

This is the first-ever post to our new WordPress blog.

For years — literally, since 1996 or so — Carole and I had a website hosted by Mindspring (and its successor, Earthlink). We never really did much with it other than host photos, and when sites like Facebook and Google came along and made it so much easier to host photos online, the need to maintain our own website for the purpose diminished markedly. Furthermore, the wonderful folks at Earthlink felt no need to tell us that the $80-a-month hosting plan that we signed up for in 1999 had been replaced by a $34.95-a-month plan, and we were too fat and happy to make inquiries until 2005 or so, when we wised up and switched.

Fast-forward to 2013. I knew that our legacy Furrs.org site was a clunky dinosaur, the kind of thing that gets mocked in this modern high-tech era. And I finally decided to bite the bullet and switch to a cheaper (much cheaper, frankly) plan with another provider and simply host a WordPress blog.

And that brings us here. Carole and I have our own Livejournals (mine is http://jayfurr.livejournal.com and Carole’s is http://caroleotter.livejournal.com) and I have my Komen 3-Day-oriented blog at http://www.thepinkhelmet.com, so this site will mostly just contain entries distilled from our Livejournals rather than being a new and trendy place to get the latest in otter/lemur-themed metasyntactic variables.

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