Walking Sixty Miles To Fight Breast Cancer (Again, Naturally)

Hi, all.

I am signed up to walk in the 2019 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day walk, a sixty-mile, three-day walk to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.

In order to take part, I have to raise a minimum of $2,300. The money raised will go to pay for research, clinical trials, education, and treatment. I wouldn’t undertake an effort like this if I didn’t think that the fight against cancer was one worth fighting for.

This will be my 11th time taking part in a 3-Day walk. I walk and crew these events not because it’s an easy way to feel like I’ve made a little bit of a difference. Walking sixty miles is no weekend-in-the-park fun run. I walk because it’s important and because it’s hard. Finding a cure for cancer is hard. Changing a diagnosis of breast cancer from a death sentence to a manageable, treatable condition … that’s hard. And we have made strides — the odds are getting better. But there’s still many a tough mile left to walk.

Will you help by sponsoring me? You can donate here:


Thank you so much!

I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 More

I’m about to head to the airport (it’s 4:51 am EST as I write this) to fly from chilly Vermont (15 degrees fondly Fahrenheit right this second) to sunny San Diego (today’s high, 77 degrees).

It’s time for the 2018 San Diego Susan G Komen 3-Day!

This will be my 18th 3-Day as a walker (dating back to 2008) and my 29th event overall. (I’ve also served as support crew 11 times). If you total up the miles I’ve walked on event as a walker so far (one event was cut short due to weather, and twice, due to injury/health concerns, I wound up sweeping part of the way) I’m probably at something like 960 miles total. Which means that, barring unexpected circumstances this weekend, I’ll have walked my 1000th 3-Day mile sometime late on Saturday! (This doesn’t count, obviously, all the miles on training walks and such leading up to 3-Day walks.)

With all that walking, cancer must be pretty much cured by now, right?

Okay, well, no. But progress has been made in many areas over the last ten years, and the $50,000+ that I’ve raised through my walking has probably made some slight difference. Total up the millions on millions that all of us walkers have raised and the 3-Day overall has made a big impact. We walkers owe it all to you, our supporters and donors.

Please Support Me in the 2018 Susan G Komen 3-Day

Newsflash: breast cancer kills around 40,000 people each year in the United States alone.

Newsflash: over 250,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in the USA.

Newsflash: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her lifetime.

Newsflash: 2500+ men will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and one in five will die from it.

I’ve been taking part in Susan G. Komen-sponsored charity walks known as the 3-Day for over ten years now — which is probably not a newsflash to anyone who knows me at all, because frankly I’ve been kind of noisy about it — and in that time, WONDERFUL PEOPLE LIKE YOU have donated over $50,000 by sponsoring me.

It’s coming up on 3-Day time again, and in fact, some of this year’s 3-Day walks have already been held in various cities around the country. I’m taking part in two this year: Atlanta, in October, as a member of the support crew, and San Diego, in November, as a walker. This will be my 18th walk as a walker and my 11th walk as a crewmember. (I calculated earlier this year that at some point in this year’s San Diego 3-Day I’ll have walked my 1,000th mile as a 3-Day walker.)

If you haven’t been following my walks for all these years and maybe don’t know me all that well, you might wonder why I’ve been at this so long and why I’m apparently so dedicated to the cause.

Well, It’s not because I’ve ever lost a member of my immediate family to breast cancer. In fact, hardly any of my relatives have had it.

But friends and co-workers… that’s another story. I’ve made lots of friends while taking part in the 3-Day and… well, I’ve lost a few of them along the way.

It’s a damn lonely thing fighting breast cancer. Even if you’re lucky to have friends and family who care and look out for you, and not everyone does. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve met whose significant other skedaddled because breast cancer was just so depressing.

Among those women who do have good support networks, you still hear comments like “I’m sick and tired of being told how brave I am. I don’t want to be brave. I want to live.” No matter how much they love you and they care for you, when the time comes, your friends and family can’t carry the weight for you. It’s a lonesome valley you have to walk by yourself, as your body wastes away and you spend long hours in the infusion chair hoping and praying for a miracle.

I’m fucking sick of breast cancer. I’m tired of losing friends. I want a breakthrough and I want it now.

Will you help out by sponsoring me? You can do so here: http://www.the3day.org/goto/jayfurr

Thanks. Everyone deserves a lifetime.


I am $142.30 away from having raised $50,000 lifetime for Susan G Komen (via the Susan G Komen 3-Day walks). Want to help me reach or pass the magic number?


2017 Atlanta Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Hi, all.

In October I’ll be taking part in the Komen 3-Day again (this time in Atlanta); this will be my 17th walk and my 25th event overall in the ten years I’ve been taking part. I’ve got the usual $2,300 to raise in order to take part. I’d be grateful to anyone who would be willing to sponsor me and help in the fight against breast cancer.

My donation URL is http://www.the3day.org/goto/jayfurr. Thanks so much for any support you can lend.