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Hi, all. I’m in New York City this week doing training. Carole is back home starting her third week of unemployment. I didn’t post at the time, because it was a hard and troubling time, but yeah, Carole lost the … Continue reading

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The frustrating thing about depression

The frustratingĀ thing about depressionĀ is that it’s often caused by flat-out messed-up biochemistry but is nonethelessĀ attributed to various real-world causes, both by the depressed person and by those around him or her. Why is that frustrating? Well, since you can’t wave … Continue reading

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Depression: the Blacksburg hypothesis

I suffer from chronic depression. There are days that I simply can’t get up the energy to do much of anything. Days when I have a long list of things to do — enjoyable things, even — and yet the … Continue reading

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Lifetime Piling Up

Since my last blog post on furrs.org, life has been … frustrating, to say the least. My father’s doing MUCH better, thank you — that’s not one of the frustrating things. He has recuperated very well from his emergency hip … Continue reading

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