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RIP, Starlight “Torbie” Furr — 2002-2017

Rest in peace, Starlight “Torbie” Furr, 2002-2017. Starlight was a wonderful kitty, from the very first day she hopped into my lap in the visitation room at the Chittenden County Humane Society in October of 2002, right up until the … Continue reading

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Strangeness at Night

Last night I woke up around 2:30 am, sitting upright in bed, with the light on, having been dreaming of trying to sign someone up for Vermont Health Connect. I think I was trying to sign my cat Starlight up … Continue reading

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Huck On The Run

Our tabby cat, Huckleberry, has a perpetual case of wanderlust despite our repeatedly telling him that the woods around our house are just full of owls and fishers and other critters that would just love to eat a tasty tabby. … Continue reading

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Hi, all. I’m in New York City this week doing training. Carole is back home starting her third week of unemployment. I didn’t post at the time, because it was a hard and troubling time, but yeah, Carole lost the … Continue reading

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Kitty Anxiety and Prozac?

We brought home a long-haired black kitty and a short-haired black kitty from the shelter last June. They had always been together, at their previous home, at the shelter, and then with us. I think that they may have been … Continue reading

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Our Four-Cat Family

This gallery contains 52 photos.

We lost our dear little cat Thursday in June of 2013. Probably sooner than I should have, I went to the Humane Society of Chittenden County and adopted a pair of little black kitties, not sisters (technically), but nonetheless cats … Continue reading

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Lifetime Piling Up

Since my last blog post on furrs.org, life has been … frustrating, to say the least. My father’s doing MUCH better, thank you — that’s not one of the frustrating things. He has recuperated very well from his emergency hip … Continue reading

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