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Our Four-Cat Family

By | September 11, 2013

We lost our dear little cat Thursday in June of 2013. Probably sooner than I should have, I went to the Humane Society of Chittenden County and adopted a pair of little black kitties, not sisters (technically), but nonetheless cats that had always been together, and brought them home. One was a shorthair, about two years old, whom… Read More »

Substitute Teaching

By | September 9, 2013

(I originally wrote this in 1997. I had it up on the old version of the website before I took it down and replaced it with the current WordPress-based version. ) Ever been a substitute teacher? I have. It was the spring of 1989. I was studying toward a Master of Public Administration degree at Virginia Tech, the… Read More »

Regarding Kats

By | September 7, 2013

I was on a business trip on the night of November 27, 2001. But I was bored. I contacted my wife on whatever instant messenger program we were using at the time and this is what resulted: JayIDX1: ptang Auto response from VTFurrs: Sorry, we’re idle.  VTFurrs: whoooo JayIDX1: issa lemur! JayIDX1: hi lemur VTFurrs: whooo? JayIDX1: how are you feeling, lemurgirl? VTFurrs: not bad, except for that nasty… Read More »

All in a day’s work

By | September 5, 2013

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Missing my mother

By | September 4, 2013

My mother, Dora Furr, would have been 84 today, had she lived to see the day. She passed away two years and four days ago, somewhere in the evening of August 31, 2011, although on her death certificate they recorded it as September 1. (I’m still not sure why.) She died of “diseases of the elderly”, which basically… Read More »

Why DO people eat at Olive Garden?

By | August 26, 2013

All the food at Olive Garden is pre-made and shipped to the restaurant in giant plastic freezer bags. The “Tuscan Institute” they brag about actually doesn’t exist. And yet, people choose the Olive Garden over actual Italian restaurants where they do make food onsite… all because, I theorize, people prefer standardization. People will go to a chain restaurant that… Read More »


By | August 23, 2013

I don’t like instant pudding. I grew up a child of the 1970s. Born in 1967, I came into awareness as a consumer of food products at a time when instant pudding was not yet the behemoth of the colloidal world as it is today. My mother frequently prepared Jell-O brand pudding in green glass stemmed dessert bowls… Read More »

How Many Phone Numbers Do You Actually Know?

By | August 23, 2013

In this era of smart phones and always-available Google searches, I wonder, how many phone numbers do we all actually recall any more? How many do we actually have committed to memory? After all, as soon as we’re given a number, we add it to our contacts — and then we never directly dial it ever again. I know… Read More »

Life Is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

By | August 20, 2013

What do you do when your life has, basically, gone to hell and you can’t talk about it with anyone because either they won’t believe you when you get down to the specifics, or because you feel compelled to protect the privacy of one of the people who is making your life hell? Yes, I know I can… Read More »

The Shape I’m In

By | May 30, 2013

If you haven’t listened to “The Shape I’m In” by the Band recently, go do that. Then come back and read the rest of this. Today was a bad day. Not because of anything that went wrong at work, because nothing did. (I’m in Aurora, Colorado, doing training at one of our customers. The classes today went fine.… Read More »