Woo-hoo! Op-ed in the Washington Post

By | May 12, 2018

Guess who got their op-ed about ethics printed in today’s Washington Post?


You can read the column here or see the print image of the column here.

A few people have asked how it came to be — the answer is, I idly put in a few tweets the other day, found them somewhat amusing, and decided to submit them as an op-ed to the WaPo. They liked them too and the thing ran on Saturday, May 12. (I had published them here on furrs.org, too, but was asked to take that copy down until after the op-ed ran. They’re back up now, for what it’s worth.)

The amusing/disturbing thing, to me, is that in the 300 or so comments on the WaPo website so far, virtually all have been positive. First comment section I’ve seen on a public website that wasn’t full of racist trolls and flames. Amazing, huh?


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5 thoughts on “Woo-hoo! Op-ed in the Washington Post

  1. Ray Veary

    Loved the โ€œethicsโ€ piece. I learned my ethics from home (Acushnet, MA) with a pretty good refresher from a place a few hills from you, Norwich University. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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