Month: January 2014

Wherever I go, happiness follows

When you get to my age (46), you kinda have to walk a fine line between being that creepy old guy who thinks he’s funny, when he really isn’t, and giving rein to the stupid-ass sense of humor that you’ve had since you were…

Don’t make me come over there

Don’t judge me

I’m thinking this would have been around 2000 or so during a trip to Dayton. The things you find buried deep in that giant box of photos you keep stashed down in the basement…

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference

Slice of life

Depression: the Blacksburg hypothesis

I suffer from chronic depression. There are days that I simply can’t get up the energy to do much of anything. Days when I have a long list of things to do — enjoyable things, even — and yet the whole day goes by,…

I footnotes