Month: September 2013

A Pimento Cheese Kind Of Day

Today is a pimento cheese kind of day. Or, to be more specific, a grilled pimento cheese sandwich kind of day. It’s cold, blustery, wet, dark, and all in all the kind of day you’d like to spend indoors with something fun to read…

Missing Carole

I travel for work — some years, in excess of 75% of my weeknights are spent in hotels far from home. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and counting, and Carole and I have always managed to make it work. Carole doesn’t mind…

Not Sure If This Is Good Or Not

Image credit: radiantskies / 123RF Stock Photo So, today, a participant in a WebEx-based class that I’m leading this week asked me what “oortcloud” meant. I had to get her to repeat herself a couple of times before I realized that she was referring…

Pointless banality

I can hear high frequency and low frequency noises that 45-year-old men aren’t supposed to be able to hear. I turn lightswitches on and off with my toes now and then. I can see in the dark like a cat. But I have no…

Our Four-Cat Family

We lost our dear little cat Thursday in June of 2013. Probably sooner than I should have, I went to the Humane Society of Chittenden County and adopted a pair of little black kitties, not sisters (technically), but nonetheless cats that had always been…

Substitute Teaching

(I originally wrote this in 1997. I had it up on the old version of the website before I took it down and replaced it with the current WordPress-based version. ) Ever been a substitute teacher? I have. It was the spring of 1989….

Regarding Kats

I was on a business trip on the night of November 27, 2001. But I was bored. I contacted my wife on whatever instant messenger program we were using at the time and this is what resulted: JayIDX1: ptang Auto response from VTFurrs: Sorry, we’re idle.  VTFurrs: whoooo…

All in a day’s work

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Missing my mother

My mother, Dora Furr, would have been 84 today, had she lived to see the day. She passed away two years and four days ago, somewhere in the evening of August 31, 2011, although on her death certificate they recorded it as September 1….

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