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Ponderings from the haze of cold medicine

I’ve had a cold all week, not a particularly awful one, but bad enough that I’d definitely prefer to be over it. It’s shifted to the “painful sore throat” phase, with a soupçon of aching pain in my inguinal lymph nodes (for … Continue reading

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My ever-dropping heart rate?

I vowed that I would run each day this week. I started on Saturday and have run four days in a row so far. Each run took place at the Sports and Fitness Edge gym in Essex Junction, Vermont on … Continue reading

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I hate running. I like the idea of running. When I visualize myself running, I have a mental image of me gliding effortlessly around a track. Not as fast as, say, Roger Bannister or Billy Mills or anyone like that, but … Continue reading

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Welcome to the jungle

This is the first-ever post to our new WordPress blog. For years — literally, since 1996 or so — Carole and I had a website hosted by Mindspring (and its successor, Earthlink). We never really did much with it other … Continue reading

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