Grand Guignol a la Trump

I am fairly disinclined to take part in political mudslinging in social media, but the news from the Trump campaign in the last 24 hours inclines me to a bit of fascinated notice, in a slowing-down-to-watch-the-trainwreck way.

Trump has literally almost no money in his campaign account. Trump has only 30 staffers in his entire campaign. He’s run zero ads. He won’t call donors. Every time he opens his mouth he says something whose only purpose is to get attention in a there’s-no-such-thing-as-bad-attention way. The free-the-delegates-to-vote-their-conscience movement is growing.

The Republican Party right now reminds me of the sort of person who marries a “billionaire” only to get divorced a short time later when it is discovered that the “billionaire” is a scam artist with no money. The slowly-dawning-Oh-My-God-realization is exactly the same… and for good reason. Trump is a scam artist with no money. There’s a reason he won’t release his tax returns.

Right now I can’t figure which is more likely:

1) Either because the delegates are freed or because Trump can’t stand the criticism and withdraws, some other schmuck winds up as the nominee,


2) Trump goes down to a thumping unprecedented in modern times — and I mean worse than Mondale in 1984 or McGovern in 1972.

And just imagine the looks on the faces of the people who fancied themselves as Trump’s running mate this morning. I can’t imagine who Trump’s going to get now: David Duke? Joe the Plumber?

SpongeBob SquarePants?

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A Dose of Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, A Dose of Silly

34028198 - calf leg pain, man holding sore and painful muscle, sprain or cramp ache filled with red pink bright place. person injured when exercising or running

Observations on a Saturday:

  1. There is nothing quite so bracing as lunging for one’s alarm clock at 6:30 in the morning, only to suffer a spontaneous and extremely painful cramp in one’s right calf. I know exactly what to do when a cramp happens: grab one’s toes and pull up and toward you. This lessens the pain enough that you no longer wish to die, but not enough that you can just go “TRA LA” and go on about your business.And if you let go too soon, the pain comes right back.And the whole time, the alarm clock is going “BLATT BLATT BLATT” and getting increasingly loud.Nothin’ better than that.
  2. There’s nothing to make you feel silly as sitting through the age group awards at a 5K run/10K run/5K walk, waiting patiently for the organizers to get to the awards for top fundraisers, and then hearing your name called out as the Top Male Finisher for the walk. Which they said they weren’t going to time. And having all the runners who did the 10K in 38 minutes and the 5K in 17 minutes clapping because you finished the walk in 45 and a half minutes.I was not only the first male to finish, I was also the first male in the 40-49 bracket, which meant I had to get back up and claim a second ribbon, alongside Carole, who was first in the female 40-49 bracket and thus got a ribbon as well.I wanted to sit right back down and and try not to meet anyone’s eyes, but we were firmly directed off to one side where a photographer was waiting to photograph our greatness.Carole and I had decided not to run the Run for Empowerment, benefiting Women Helping Battered Women, because we needed to get in a training walk for the upcoming Seattle Susan G Komen, because I’ve let myself get out of running shape, and because Carole’s never liked to run anyway.I think, all told, there were 13 walkers. Two of those were men. The other guy was in the 60-69 age bracket. But YAY I WAS THE FASTEST oh god kill me now I’m a 48-year-old and I just basically got one of these:participant
  3. On a much more positive note, the Run for Empowerment raised something like $17,000 to help fund the programs of Women Helping Battered Women, which is awesome. Carole raised $1025 on her own, which is really awesome, when you consider that she did it in ONE WEEK. Social media can work amazingly well for fundraising, if you know how to use it.RFE2At the end of the event, they announced the top fundraisers, and we were startled and confused when Carole was announced as the #2 fundraiser. There was another participant who had a few hundred more dollars raised who we expected to be announced second, but instead they called for Carole. We both looked very startled and started semaphoring to the staff member from WHBW who was doing the announcing that Carole was third, but said staff member firmly shook her head and said second.rfe2It wasn’t until it was all over that she told us that when it came to “offline” money actually turned in at the start of the walk (as opposed to raised via the website), and all tallied up, Carole had actually finished 2nd. I have no idea what happened to that person who’d been ahead of Carole all week, but hey, being 2nd-place fundraiser is pretty cool. And again, thanks to wonderful generous friends and acquaintances, Carole pulled all that off in ONE WEEK. (She says “THANK YOU SO MUCH” and will be writing her own blog entry later.)
  4. On a more negative note, it turns out that if you’re going to go crazy buying hanging pots of flowers to make your back yard look more festive, you’ve got to remember to water them. I was out of town (in Illinois) for work this past week and it was hot and sunny back here in Vermont … and Carole was busy working on a very detailed and complicated government security clearance application… and oops. Carole caught it today and watered everywhere and everything, and we hope the flowers rebound. One of these days I’ve got to win the lottery so I can afford a personal landscaper. We’re definitely pretty incompetent at it.


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Run For Empowerment: $825 down — $175 to go!

30354418 - stop domestic violence word cloud illustration in shape of hand print showing protest

Great news! With one day left to fundraise, my fundraising total for this Saturday’s “Run For Empowerment” is $825. (Thank you so much, sponsors!!) I’m aiming to raise $1000, though, so I’ve got $175 to go.

The Run for Empowerment is a fundraiser for Women Helping Battered Women, a Vermont non-profit that provides an absolutely indispensable safety net for women and children affected by domestic violence. I strongly support their mission and I hope you do too.

If you haven’t already donated, will you help out? You can donate at this link:

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Help Stop Domestic Violence

a woman holding a conceptual stop sign on domestic abuse or violence

Women Helping Battered Women is holding its annual fundraising walk/run this Saturday at Waterfront Park in Burlington. They’re a small non-profit with a huge workload, providing support (including a shelter and a 24-hour hotline) for victims of domestic violence.

I’m walking in the event on Saturday and I’m (as of right now) $380 shy of my $1000 fundraising goal. Would you please help by sponsoring me? I honestly can’t think of a better cause.

My donation link:

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Error 247: Brain needs reboot

I am depressed. And overweight. And getting no exercise, even though there is a strong correlation between exercise and mental fitness.

But I’m trying in small ways to turn that around. I’m eating a lot of Panera salads while on the road, and I did buy a new pair of road running shoes (beep beep) so I can stop making excuses and start long walks and/or running. I was going to go out and walk today, but it rained here in Illinois and it’s muggy as heck. Yeah, I should have gone down to the fitness center and used the treadmill. Maybe tomorrow.

This weekend is supposed to be nice back in Vermont so I hope to do a lot of kayaking/cycling/walking/etc.

I wish my brain worked better.

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2016 Women Helping Battered Women Race for Empowerment

Run for Empowerment

Carole with a drink looking tiredIn just a few days I’ll be taking part in the 2016 Women Helping Battered Women “Run for Empowerment” at Waterfront Park in Burlington, VT. I have a $1000 fundraising goal and am just barely over 40% of the way there. Will you sponsor me?

You can sponsor me at this link:

I am walking in support of Women Helping Battered Women, a Vermont non-profit working to provide support for victims of domestic abuse and violence. WHBW has been serving Chittenden County, Vermont for 41 years. If you believe that all adults and children have the right to live without fear of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, or financial, then please support WHBW by sponsoring me.

WHBW advocates for victims and survivors of domestic abuse and works to raise awareness in our community through outreach and education. They also identify where resources are needed in the community and collaborate with a wide network of community partners to plan and implement necessary initiatives to meet those needs.

With your help, last year, WHBW provided needed services to 4,534 adults children whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse. These individuals and families were able to access WHBW programs at no cost to themselves. From Shelter to Relief from Abuse orders, WHBW advocates are working side by side with victims and survivors to help them move toward safe, healthy and, empowered lives free from coercion, threats, and violence.

Again, will you sponsor me and help fund all the work that WHBW does each year?


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DNE: The Saga Continues

dne june 13 2016

This is my first time back at this customer since early May. I’m pleased to report that the seemingly random string of hexadecimal code I left on a conference room marker board back on April 12 is still there today.

The breaks in the blue surrounding the code make me think that people have written all around the code and right up to the boundary, but have tried with some care to not erase the blue or the code itself. Thanks, people!

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